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Mon: CLOSED, Tue - Fri: 10am - 6pm, Saturday: 10am - 5pm, Sunday: Noon - 4pm

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- One Person Recreational Kayak

- Two Person Kayaks & Canoes

- One Person Touring Kayak

- Whitewater Kayak

- Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

- Moonlight Paddles

- Bike Rentals

- Local Places To Paddle

- Fill A Canoe Food Drive
to benefit the Canton Food Bank!
Bring in at least one non-perishable food item per person and receive 10% off your canoe, kayak or SUP rental! (Please no expired food!)

Our rental season starts on or around May 1 and ends somewhere around mid to late October depending on weather. Please call for information.
Scroll down for our rental rates.

Please be aware there is NO lifeguard on duty and the river is unattended! We highly recommend that you know how to swim when renting from us. Anyone renting is required to wear a securely fastened PFD at all times while on the water.

One Person Recreational Kayak
Includes Paddle & PFD
$12 per hour on-site
$40 per day on-site (3 or more hours)
$50 first day off-site (24 hours), reservations required.
$15 each additional day off-site

Two Person Kayaks & Canoes
Includes 2 Paddles & 2 PFDs
$22 per hour on-site
(Based on 2 paddlers in a canoe. Two people max in a Tandem Kayak.)
(Add $2 per hour for any additional paddlers in a canoe!)
$55 per day on-site (3 or more hours)
$60 first day off-site (24 hours), reservations required.
$15 each additional day off-site

One Person Touring Kayak
Includes Paddle, PFD, Skirt, Bilge Pump & Paddle Float
Prerequisite: Kayak Rescue Techniques class for off-site rentals. Please refer to our Lesson brochure for more information.
$20 per hour on-site
$50 per day on-site (3 or more hours)
$60 first day off-site (24 hours), reservations required.
$15 each additional day off-site

Whitewater Kayak (on site only)
Includes Paddle, PFD, Skirt, Helmet & Flotation Bags
$20 per hour on-site
$50 per day on-site (3 or more hours)

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)
Includes SUP Paddle and PFD
$20 per hour on-site (no off-site rentals)

Bike Rentals
For the Farmington River Bike Trail

Includes Helmet, Lock and Basket
$25 for two hours
$40 for the day

Hourly rentals require us to hold a driver's license while the boat is in your possession. Children aged 7 - 17 who are experienced swimmers may be in their own boat if accompanied by an adult.

Off-site boat & bike rentals require payment in full as well as a credit card deposit. Off -site boat rentals may require a car rack system; please inquire. Multi-boat rentals transported on one car require roof rack systems (Yakima/Thule).

Renter takes full responsibility for all equipment included in the rental. Renter assumes any and all liability in regards to loss or damage to equipment and agrees to pay for repair or replacement as accessed by CCK

Weekend reservations are not required for hourly rentals but strongly recommended. Please call mid-week to make reservations for the weekends. To make reservations please call (860) 693-6977.
Reservations will not be taken via email.

Daily rates. Add $1.00 for each additional day per item.
PFD $5
Kayak Paddle $10
Canoe Paddle $5
Helmet $5
Spray Skirt $10
Paddle Float $4
Bilge Pump $3
Wetsuit $15

Rates do not include applicable CT sales tax.

Rental rates are subject to change without prior notice.

We reserve the right to refuse to rent to any individual or group we feel is putting themselves or others at risk.

The use of recreational drugs or alcohol is not permitted on the premises.

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We accept:

- Please be aware that paddling is a water sport and there is a chance you might get wet. Wear appropriate clothing and foot protection. Do not take electronics on the water with you unless you have them in a dry bag.

- All rentals on or off site are for flat water use only.

- Reservations (860) 693-6977
Not necessary but highly recommended for weekends, holidays and large parties. Customers with reservations will take priority over those without.
We hold reservations for 15 minutes. After that if you have not arrived or contacted us the boats that have been reserved will become available to the next customer.

- We will do everything we can to get customers without reservations into boats but can not guarantee it will be what you want.

- Minimum age to rent without a parent on the water is 18.

- Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by someone 18 or over on the water.

- On-site rentals begin ½ hour after opening.

- Last on-site rental of the day goes out 1½ hours before closing.

- Off site rental boats are expected back in clean condition.

- We are located on the Farmington River. All on-site rentals leave from our boat ramp, paddle up river approximately a mile and a half to Town Bridge then turn around and paddle back to our boat ramp. Our section of the river is dammed and more like a lake.

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